• Modern

    is clean-lined and focuses first,foremost on function and it can promote a sense of calmness and simplicity to your home

  • Ultra-Modern

    is a new interface with flexible deals with wood and unique way in manufacturing with curves



Furniture design and manufacturing:
Wither your love modern, ultra-modern, modern rustic, modern Islamic or modern retro, here you can find furniture in your favorite style with natural raw materials (conter wood and beech wood), high finishing and  5 years guarantee.

     Bedrooms                                                 Living rooms

     Kitchens                                                    Dining rooms

     Offices                                                        Doors

     Bathrooms                                                Home accessories and art work (vases, lighting units, clocks, etc... )


Interior design services:

  Makany Prepares interior designs for all spaces, with a variety of styles and solutions to fit your unique Imagination for your home, also executing and installation of the designs.

Interior designs and solutions for : 

     Flats                                                  Villas

     Hotels                                              Banks 

    Offices                                              Stores

     Cafes                                               Resturants

                            Compumds 


Architectural solutions:

     Ceiling and floor plans
     Electric, lighting and Air condition solution plans
     Remodeling Architectural plans, adding spaces without causing disturbance to the rest of the house

Exterior and Landscape design:

    pergolas                                                        Entrances

    Roofs                                                             Landscape

                            Outdoor furniture